Gravity Chandelier

Gravity Chandelier

Designer Paul Cocksedge  for Moooi


Moooi are known for their unusual piecesthat are born from a unique concept, the Gravity chandelier makes no exception from this rule.

A re-imagination of classic chandeliers, designer Paul Cocksedge, was inspired by changing something rigid ( like the chandeliers we all know from the past ) into something  more elastic, this is the reason it took years to decide the perfect materials. The result offers the look of a classic chandelier but offers the freedom to personalize.

Gravity does not give away it‘s secrets from the beginning.

The ingeniosity of the concept together with it‘s flexible ”arms” offer dynamism in creating which makes the chandelier very versatile, adapting to any kind of space without a hint of rigidity, a true contemporary chandelier for the the contemporary spaces, where rigidity is not an option.


The cord forms free-flowing arcs that are elegant si sinuous so you can decide the final result in conformity with the space and décor at hand but without sacrificing the chandelier look. Regardless of the shape, gravity will always play a key role. The pressed glass cups at the end of each cord create a beautiful sparkling effect when lit. Delicate and elegant wiring, that fix the ”arms” into the desired place, fool the eye into thinking Gravity is a rigid piece.


Rigid at first glance but adaptable in its essence.

 “The Gravity Chandelier was about me looking at something that's made as a rigid thing. And imagining it as something that's very light and flexible.” - Paul Cocksedge