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B&B Italia Outdoor is a B&B Italia brand created in 2007 to explore outdoor furniture and bring the qualities of interior design outdoors. B&B Italia Outdoor expresses B&B Italia's vision of outdoor living, maintaining the same focus on design, comfort, quality and functionality that characterises the company's interior products. Made with high-performance, quality materials that combine function and aesthetics B&B Italia Outdoor collection is made of sofas, armchairs, chaise longue, chairs, tables, coffee tables, benches, complements, and accessories. B&B Outdoor designs are accompanied by products from the B&B Italia collection with updated finishes to create a complete range of outdoor furnishings that can adapt to different contexts - from homes to public spaces, gardens and yacht decks.

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Ribes is a modular seating system that focuses on versatility, customisation, colour and research into materials. Sofas, central and end elements, chaise longues and ottomans all come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes that lend themselves to being arranged in an outdoor space according to personal taste thanks to the exceptional versatility of the modular components and the availability of a vast rage of covers and finishes. The starting point is a futon base with flexible glass fibre slats resting on an aluminium frame to which two types of armrest or backrest can be attached as desired: one with a polypropylene fibre interlacing, the other with a roller cushion. On top are seat cushions intended as comfortable mattresses to stretch out on and several shapes of back and armrest cushion, all containing a new upholstery giving Ribes a particularly lived-in and soft look. Because it is so versatile, Ribes can also be reconfigured over time by adding new elements, as well as by altering the functional use of existing ones. By substituting, adding or varying the position of the back and armrests, a sommier can turn into a vis-à-vis sofa, a sofa can become an island, and a corner seating plan can transform into a comfortable bed. Ribes means transformation and is especially suited to those areas that are neither inside nor outside: verandas, shady patios, under a loggia or on a covered terrace, allowing a fluid approach to the open spaces in the home.



Technical Information


die-cast aluminium and extrusions with polyester powder painting


Back and roller upholstery

ecogreen (polyethylene and polyester blend),cover in water repellent polyester fibre


Seat upholstery

shaped polyurethane, ecogreen (polyethylene and polyester blend), cover in water repellent polyester fibre



polypropylene fibre braid


Seat slats

glass fibre


Seat top section

solid wood



thermoplastic material


Waterproof cover cloth

PES fabric coated on one side in PU



fabric in limited categories (with profile)

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Dimensions / The price shown is available for the configuration in the first product sheet / The price varies depending on the fabric or leather category 



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