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B&B Italia Outdoor is a B&B Italia brand created in 2007 to explore outdoor furniture and bring the qualities of interior design outdoors. B&B Italia Outdoor expresses B&B Italia's vision of outdoor living, maintaining the same focus on design, comfort, quality and functionality that characterises the company's interior products. Made with high-performance, quality materials that combine function and aesthetics B&B Italia Outdoor collection is made of sofas, armchairs, chaise longue, chairs, tables, coffee tables, benches, complements, and accessories. B&B Outdoor designs are accompanied by products from the B&B Italia collection with updated finishes to create a complete range of outdoor furnishings that can adapt to different contexts - from homes to public spaces, gardens and yacht decks.

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The Piet carpets collection, designed with a clear inspiration to Mondrian artworks, reach the harmony through the balance of important lines, colours and surfaces. Next to the three rectangular dimensions, the new round and oval shapes are added. Piet is realized with 100% polypropylene thread with important permeability and breathability features that make this product perfect for an outdoor location.


Technical Information

Material - 100% polyolefin

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