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Guelfo Fur

Lapo Ciatti
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"A design object should always tell a story, make you smile, excite you... without ever forgetting to be functional.

Innovative but deeply rooted in the past, only this way it will last in time".



We love the idea of creating “Spices and sauces” that add a unique flair to spaces that are usually somehow nondescript, basic, or conventional, just as the right mix of spices and sauces can flavour a dish and regale our senses.

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A soft and ironic white faux fur covers this cozy and comfortable bucket seat and pouf designed as a limited edition by Lapo Ciatti.

Featuring great visual impact and scenic power, Guelfo Fur is the ideal choice to give a touch of personality and character to the most exclusive contract environment as well as to the finest residential areas. Perfect for those who want piece of furniture ever protagonists, ever ordinary.

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