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B&B Italia Outdoor is a B&B Italia brand created in 2007 to explore outdoor furniture and bring the qualities of interior design outdoors. B&B Italia Outdoor expresses B&B Italia's vision of outdoor living, maintaining the same focus on design, comfort, quality and functionality that characterises the company's interior products. Made with high-performance, quality materials that combine function and aesthetics B&B Italia Outdoor collection is made of sofas, armchairs, chaise longue, chairs, tables, coffee tables, benches, complements, and accessories. B&B Outdoor designs are accompanied by products from the B&B Italia collection with updated finishes to create a complete range of outdoor furnishings that can adapt to different contexts - from homes to public spaces, gardens and yacht decks.

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Curved and enveloping, the Erica ‘19 chair for outdoor use has a polyester powder painted aluminium frame and a backrest characterised by an exclusive interlacing. Refined colour combinations include a single-colour or two-colours for the frame and interlacing. The seat cushion comes in a wide range of fabric covers. In addition to chairs, the Erica ‘19 collection also includes sofas and armchairs.



Technical Information

Frame - die-cast aluminium and extrusions with polyester powder painting


Back upholstery - ecogreen (polyethylene and polyester blend), cover in water repellent polyester fibre


Back upholstery (British Standard version) - shaped polyurethane of different density, Solotex fibre and visco-elastic polyurethane combination, cover in water repellent polyester fibre


Seat upholstery - shaped polyurethane, ecogreen (polyethylene and polyester blend), cover in water repellent polyester fibre


Seat upholstery (British Standard version) -shaped polyurethane, cover in water repellent polyester fibre (with heat-sealed ribbon)


Seat webbing - polypropylene fibre and synthetic rubber threads


Interlacing - polypropylene fibre braid

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