Elios Banchetă

Antonio Citterio
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Maxalto gets its name from “Massa Alto”, which in Venetian dialect means “the highest”, to underscore the objective of excellence that distinguishes its products. Launched in 1975 and now coordinated by Antonio Citterio, the collection stands out for the quality of the woodworking, the quality of the materials and a painstaking quest for fine detail. It is a complete range of furniture with a “New Classic” flavor that combines sophisticated hand-made craftsmanship with today’s latest technology.

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An elegant, versatile piece of furniture, ideal for use in any area of the house, from the living room to the sleeping area, the Elios bench stands out for its steel frame, to be paired with a top available in a variety of woods.




veneered plywood panel with honeycomb-core and wood particles



steel profiles

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