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Mario Bellini
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“Sometimes you need to make a cut! ... Even when it comes to a chair ... now it is more comfortable than ever thanks to the same gesture with which Lucio Fontana revolutionized the art history.” 

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Cutter is Mario Bellini’s new chair with strong and decisive aesthetics which create a new type of seating. The back of the chair is slashed by a cut which is pays homage to the great artist Lucio Fontana. Although evident, Cutter’s nature does not only lie in an aesthetic choice but generates an unprecedented type of seating. The twin backrest’s ends are functional and comfortable in a frontal position, while moving independently and allowing a lateral position. This gesture is suitable for chatting with the person seated nearby. It is also designed to ensure high comfort seating and casual movements, allowing the user to lean on one side with an arm placed around the backrest. The seating frame is made of metal and webbing, softened by a classic polyurethane upholstery.


Internal frame

tubular steel and steel profiles


Internal frame upholstery

Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam



thermoplastic material



embossed thick leather